In today’s digital age, news and information are made available to the users within seconds of the events occurring. But despite a vast number of news and informational sites being available, people prefer to validate and get that information through their favorite and preferred online magazines, blogs, or news portals. WordPress is one of the best platforms in this regard that facilitates people to launch their own digital magazine or online news site with ease and comfort.

You might be surprised to find out that even well-known sites and magazine sites such as Variety, BBC America, Quartz, Fortune, CNN, Reuters, The New York Times, Tech Crunch, and various others use WordPress to display the powerful and beautiful designs they are known for. What this means is that you, too, can launch or redesign your existing magazine to be just as great, or even better by using WordPress.

WordPress offers a huge variety of themes for all sorts and types of sites to be built easily from scratch. As a publisher or someone wanting to launch their own magazine site, you know that clumping all the information on your site isn’t the solution. In fact, it would only end up looking unattractive and defeat the whole purpose of your site. WordPress magazine themes solve this problem by providing readymade website templates for you to use and build up your exciting new magazine site from scratch. That is why we have compiled a list of the best WordPress magazine themes for you to go through and pick the one that suits you best.

News Pro Theme

The News Pro magazine theme might not be free, but it is most certainly one of the best in the WordPress magazine themes premium list. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to launch a gossip magazine site or a professional looking news site, the News Pro Theme allows you to deliver all the information you want in a sophisticated manner. Articles, videos, and even audio can be easily presented to your audience while maintaining an attractive design and keeping easy navigation in mind.

  • Flexible e-commerce theme that is pre-styled for WooCommerce, so you can easily set up your online store
  • Mobile responsiveness makes this theme and thus your site perfectly optimized for every browser, device, and display size
  • Theme options let you customize your site easily with just a few clicks
  • Customizable header lets you easily upload your own logo

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Metro Pro Theme

Get a modern style layout for your online magazine or blogsite with the Metro Pro theme. It is built on an optimized mobile responsive platform, which is one of the most important things for any website today. The frame is spacious, which is great for bringing your content into the limelight. The social features incorporated into the theme are a surefire way of building your audience in a fast and efficient manner.

  • Use the theme customizer to easily tweak colors, change the background image, and much more
  • 4 homepage widget areas that can be customized according to the user’s needs
  • Pre-styled for WooCommerce integration, making your site e-commerce ready
  • Choose from various theme options for the best pick

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Milan Pro Theme

The Milan Pro theme has its own unique look and appeal, which makes it a good fit for an online fashion magazine or blog. The magazine-style theme features a distinctive style that can present your content’s digital story beautifully. This WordPress magazine theme has a modern and casual look to it, which is great for drawing in audiences to your magazine site.

  • Pre-made custom page templates let you get started with your multi-page site in minutes
  • Change colors, background images, and theme settings with the theme customizer
  • Multiple homepage and three-footer widget areas that can be easily customized according to the user’s needs
  • Mobile responsiveness – so your site is perfectly view-able on every device and browser

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NewsChannel or WP-NewsChannel is a modern WordPress theme that will let you set up a decent news site or blog post within minutes. It is content-ready and designed so that you can easily write and share articles and blog posts with your audience. Reader usability has been kept in mind, which is why this theme has options that allow your audience to easily share your posts.

  • Layout flexibility lets you switch between different layout options in some of the themes
  • Custom settings let you customize your site to make sure it stands out
  • Responsiveness in design will make sure your site looks the best on any browser or device

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With unique layout options and so much more, Noozbeat magazine theme WordPress sites always look clean and professional due to their high functionality and responsiveness. This theme has been designed primarily for magazine and news websites, and it does a pretty good job at boosting the engagement levels of the audience.

  • With more than 30 different options, the user has full control over customization options
  • Advertising spaces have already been incorporated into the theme for convenience
  • Custom widgets open the door for more functionality on your site
  • SEO optimization will help your site rank higher in search engine results
  • Options panel gives you complete control over your site

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Public Opinion

The single solution for all your publishing needs, Public Opinion is among the topmagazine WordPress themes that can cater to all your publishing needs. Need an online magazine site, a news blog, or a complete news site? Public Opinion fits all these categories and lets you customize and experiment to build your ideal magazine site.

  • With more than 30 different options, you can create your desired website from scratch
  • Advertising spaces have already been incorporated into the theme for convenience
  • Custom widgets open the door for more functionality on your site
  • Custom Elementor modules let you easily build your site with simple drag and drop tools and options

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Vidiho Pro

Are you a vlogger or a YouTuber? Maybe you’re a modern media producer and create videos for your audience? The Vidiho Pro theme is specifically tailored to be “video first”. It lets you post and publish your video content from YouTube or Vimeo with ease.

  • Paste the link of the video you want to share or simply upload and manage it from your dashboard
  • With a flexible layout and numerous customization options, you are bound to find the right fit for you
  • Page builder support lets you build and edit your website’s pages and sections with ease

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Newsmag Pro

Easy to install, Newsmag Pro lets you get started right away with your magazine website. The stylish and modern look of this theme lets you showcase all your content in a beautiful andstriking manner. Enhanced post support format lets you create posts that aren’t just limited to text.

  • Create appealing video, audio, gallery, or quotation posts
  • Enhanced header and footer navigation ensures visitors can easily navigate through the site
  • Each of the WordPress widgets looks even better on the Newsmag Pro theme, encouraging you to use more of them

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Among the other best magazine WordPress themes, Neuton combines powerful features, content focus, and prioritization of content for the audience – all in one. It provides the complete mix and ticks all the boxes you’d want a WordPress magazine theme to check.

  • A truly unique layout lets your site standout
  • Increase user engagement by displaying your most discussed content sitewide
  • Custom widgets let you add on more functionality
  • The theme is SEO optimized, further increasing your chances of a higher ranking in search engine results

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The Extra magazine theme for WordPress combines limitless possibilities to bring you a theme that will let you customize your site and posts with complete freedom. With a huge number of features and functionalities, there is so much that you can do with Extra!

  • Completely customizable, there isn’t much that you cannotaccomplish with this theme
  • Drag, drop, and build anything easily
  • WooCommerce readiness ensures that your site can be easily turned into an online store as well.
  • Don’t stay limited to fixed layouts and instead completely redesign everything if you desire

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MH Magazine Theme

Fully responsive for all devices and browsers, the MH Magazine theme is ideal for your news site or even an online magazine. Predefined space for advertisements ensures that you can set up ads easily to start earning immediately. Navigation is simple and easy so that your audience doesn’t get lost and keeps coming back for more.

  • Get advertisements up and running quickly in the predefined ad spaces
  • The fully responsive design is optimized for every display and browser

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Newspaper X

A clean, sober, and versatile theme for your online magazine or news site. You can even set up an engaging online blog using this theme as it easily lets you make changes with the WordPress Customizer. The design and layout of this theme make pictures and text pop, which is what makes it ideal for an online magazine. It is definitely a cool magazine theme free WordPress that you must get your hands on!

  • WordPress Customizer lets you make desired changes with ease
  • Pictures and text stand out, increasing user engagement

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A list on free magazine WordPress themes would be incomplete without Meso Column. The theme supports CSS3 and HTML 5, which translates into a wide array of possibilities for your magazine site. Integration possibilities with WooCommerce make this theme e-commerce ready and ensure that turning your magazine into an online store is easy and quick. Google Web Fonts coupled with the option for custom background pages lets you change the look of your site. Headers and menus can also be personalized, and it even offers you the option to feature unique images if you want.

  • HTML and CSS support lets you perform limitless customizations
  • WooCommerce-ready, this theme can easily be configured to support e-commerce
  • Feature unique images in headers and menus and customize appearance with Google Web Fonts

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Travelino, as the name suggests, is the perfect theme for your online travel blog or a digital magazine that documents and publishes your adventures, or even just posts about exotic locations and beautiful destinations. The theme presents pictures and stories in an engaging layout and design which make it perfect for this purpose.

  • Ideal for travel blogs/magazines
  • Unique layout that helps tell stories in an engaging manner

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NewsMag Lite

Among the best free WordPress themes for magazines, there is NewsMag Lite, the user-friendly and highly responsive online magazine and multipurpose website theme. It comes packed with multiple website templates that can easily be imported with a single click. A responsive bootstrap modular design ensures that your site remains user-friendly and responsive across all devices.

  • Complete responsiveness across all devices and browsers
  • Import from several readymade website templates with a single click

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The theme with the modern aesthetic you’re looking for. IsleMag features a boxy layout and design, which gives it that modern magazine look that is incredibly stylish and attractive. The social icons have been well placed at the top above the logo and space for advertisement is also present to let you get started with ads and revenue generation immediately.

  • Unique boxy layout and design
  • Stylish and modern design that is both engaging and appealing
  • Readymade advertisement spaces for you to use

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MH Newsdesk Lite

The MH Newsdesk Lite is one of the cleanest looking free WordPress magazine themes that can you can use for your online news magazine. It is an SEO friendly theme with a responsive design – meaning it will help you in getting an increased flow of traffic to your site. The widget areas can be used to add useful functionalities or even banner ads.

  • Multifunctional widget areas
  • SEO friendly theme improves your site ranking
  • Clean and professional look, ideal for a news site

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The ComboMag features a stunning full-width magazine layout. With social media buttons, custom widgets, and large featured images, this theme is great for attracting and bringing in new audiences. With room enough for content and ads alike, you might even want to consider this theme for an annual city magazine issue.

  • Ample room for content, ads, and widgets
  • Large images attract audience attention

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GreatMag is a beautiful addition to the world of best free WordPress themes for magazines. It is a modern looking theme that provides a clean and stylish design for all kinds of blogs, magazines, and even news sites. The responsive design will make your site perfectly viewable on all devices and browsers. Built-in page builder support ensures you don’t have to get your hands dirty with coding. Just use the supported page builder to easily craft and customize page layout and sections.

  • Responsive design across all devices and browsers
  • Page builder support lets you add and change page sections without having coding knowledge

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